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Success in Mental Diseases’ Treatment – New Approach

The epidemic of mental illness is a reality, nowadays. This year, 18.5% of the population suffers from mental illness. And 4% of them experience such severe problems that they are unable to live their lives normally. And that means it’s very likely that you, or someone you know, is suffering right now and needs support….

Mental Health Education Program In The USA

The program for mental health improvement unites specialists and organizations of the national economy of the United States who have made a significant contribution to the creation of a favorable environment for protecting the mental health of the population of the United States. The main activity is aimed at maintaining the mental health of Americans…

Understanding Mental Illness

Mental disorders are diseases that cause disturbances in the thinking, behavior and emotional state of a person. The patient develops abnormal thoughts and perceptions of reality (hallucinations, suicidal tendencies, paranoia), an unstable emotional state and behavioral reactions (aggression, depression), difficulties in communicating with people around. According to the World Health Organization, nearly one in four…

Dog Therapy, Canis Therapy For Mental Health

Dog therapy, or in other words, canis therapy is a method of alternative medicine aimed at curing psychological and physiological diseases through the patient’s contact with the dog. Dog therapy is a kind of pet therapy (animal therapy) – treatment of a person with animals. The positive properties of human contact with animals have been…

7 Cases To Reach Mental Health

Mental health is a state of well-being in which everyone realizes their potential, is able to cope with normal life stresses, can work productively and fruitfully and contribute to the development of society. 7 ways to improve mental health Even if you don’t have a stated diagnosis, such as anxiety or depression, it is very…

Mental Health Breakdown In Spring – What Diseases To Worsen?

Spring is a period of active awakening of nature after a long winter sleep. Quite often, the air temperature rises sharply or, conversely, falls. Forecasters also note that changes in atmospheric pressure and solar activity are frequent. All this affects the state of human health – diseases associated with the brain vessels appear or worsen….