Animal Companionship

Nearly 70% of U.S. Households Own a Pet - 84.6 Million

Of households with Pets:

  • 80% believe their pets bring them happiness and emotional support

  • 55% believe their pets reduce anxiety and depression

  • 66% believe their pets relieve stress

Pet-Friendly Workplaces are Good for Business

Workplaces that adopt pet-friendly policies can experience benefits like:

  • attracting more job candidates

  • keeping their employees longer

  • better employee health

  • increased productivity among workers

What Does Science Say About Pets and Health?

Pet Ownership Can Help:

  • improve cardiovascular health and physical activity

  • decrease stress and lower blood pressure

  • reduce loneliness, which increases the risk of developing many chronic health conditions

Animals Help People with Mental and Physical Health Conditions

  • In people with cancer, animal-assisted interventions play a role in reducing anxiety, depression and aggression during treatment

  • For people receiving treatment for mental illness, animal-assisted interventions reduce anger , anxiety, depression, and general distress, while improving the ability to socialize.

  • Veterans with PTSD reported decreases in depression, social isolation, anxiety, and alcohol abuse, while also reporting improved sleep and better coping with flashbacks after being paired with service dogs.

The MHASWNJ offers animal-assisted therapy for organizations and groups in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties. If you would like more information about this program, contact Janice Campbell at 856-522-0639.

Kelli Cochran