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Move On Mental Health – The World Mental Health Day

Move On Mental Health - The World Mental Health DayInternational Mental Health Day is traditionally celebrated on 10 October annually. This year, the World Health Organization has designated the theme of the holiday as “Mental Health in the Workplace”.

For a modern person and society as a whole, mental health, performance and quality of life are inseparable concepts that determine overall health and the usefulness of both individual and social life. Professional activity is the most important sphere of human life, and professional identity practically everywhere acts as the basis of personal identity, thereby determining the entire hierarchy of needs and spiritual meanings of each individual person and the whole society. In this regard, the professional status of an individual, the level of professional competence and work capacity to a large extent affect both an objective assessment of the social significance of each of us and self-esteem.

In some developed countries, depression and other mental disorders are the main causes of disability and absenteeism. Mental illness leads to more absenteeism from work days compared to chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and a number of others. In the United States, mental disorders are the second leading cause of temporary disability and the third leading cause of permanent disability in the working-age population.

Today, on the eve of World Mental Health Day, we invite you to get acquainted with materials dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of mental health, prevention of mental disorders in the workplace.

Essential components of mental health

  • The first and most important part of mental health is accepting yourself as someone who is worthy of respect. This is the central sign of a personal mental health.
  • Positive, warm, trusting relationships play a big role, since people with such qualities have a higher stress tolerance and the potential for love and friendly relationships.
  • It is necessary to set realistic goals for yourself, then daily activities will take place with confidence in the presence of a goal and meaning in life, and also aimed at achieving this goal.
  • It is necessary to strive for self-improvement, development of one’s own potential, realization of oneself and one’s own abilities.
  • An important aspect of treating oneself as a person capable of self-improvement is also openness to new experience.
  • It is necessary to learn how to choose and create your own environment, which would meet the psychological conditions and needs of a particular person, thereby gaining an understanding of responsibility for yourself and your actions.
  • For children, additional conditions are needed: the presence of parents, an attentive attitude to the emotional needs of the child and the provision of more independence.

On World Mental Health Day, we wish everyone to learn how to always remain calm and self-confident, to show only good emotions and sincere feelings, to appreciate the moments of joy with which life is filled.